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      For Students Who Know What They Want!


      SUMAS Career-related Studies® “Business & Sustainability” are designed for self-confident students, who have a clear idea about their career path. Students will pursue career-related education during the last two years of their high-school. This study program is relevant for all students who are interested in responsible management applicable in different fields.

      The SUMAS CrS® aims to provide students with the foundational knowledge on managing sustainability and helps them develop their competencies in becoming responsible leaders.

      Program overview

      With an integrative Project Work in one of the pathways:

      Nature Conservation

      Nature Conservation will offer the opportunity to explore fundamental values for the preservation of biological diversity and includes guided visits to protected areas around the world.

      Sustainable Fashion

      Sustainable Fashion provides cutting edge knowledge about the core issues and challenges of sustainable fashion and integrates responsible leadership applied to the fashion sector.

      Sustainable Hospitality

      Sustainable Hospitality will help to develop leadership and intercultural skills by being engaged in field trips to leading hospitality companies under the careful guidance of experts. Upon request, SUMAS CrS® students  can work on sustainable culinary arts projects to embrace the philosophy from farm to table.

      Sustainable Culinary Arts

      Sustainable Culinary Art will help to recognize the benefits of responsible cooking, from food sourcing methods, cooking techniques, and waste management to intercultural food experiences.

      Sustainable Tourism

      Sustainable Tourism will help to understand concepts of sustainable tourism development,
      parks and recreation management, and best practices for responsible visitors.

      Sustainable Finance and Digitalization

      Sustainable Finance and Digitalization will help to learn the crucial role of finance to address sustainable challenges and explore both the investment portfolio toward climate-friendly assets and the transition to a green economy.

      Fast Track Into SUMAS Bachelor!

      Direct entry into our Bachelor programs

      Upon completion of the SUMAS CrS program students will obtain direct entry and receive 21 US academic credits to fast-track bachelor studies in only 5 semesters.

      Download your Bachelor brochure

      Not available unless: Your Department is CrS